County Health Insights: A Data Hub for Eastern Washington

In a young, thriving America, decision making relied on intuition, gut-feelings, and inspiration. Now, rarely are any decisions made without interweaving

Data - whether big, open, private, qualitative, or quantitative - has helped us to evolve from intuition-based decisions to data-informed decisions.

While data representing larger populations, such as Washington State or the U.S., help by providing context and perspective to the local data, the most difficult data to acquire is local. Often when this data is available, such as population or total tax dollars collected, they are of common subjects across the U.S. So the conundrum is the more localized the data, the more useful it can be to address localized issues, yet it’s the most difficult and costly data for local communities to acquire or develop.   

In Spokane County and eastern Washington, thanks to the Spokane Regional Health District’s Data & Reports website, you’ll find a lot of unique local data. Not just local data, but very specific to the topics and issues affecting us locally.

While the Data & Reports website has a lot of unique data for the Spokane area, the County Health Insights: A Data Hub for Eastern Washington website, provides data in eight health-related categories for the following counties: Adams, Asotin, Ferry, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Spokane, and Stevens.

With each county offering over 50 different indicators that can be compared amongst the seven counties offered, the County Health Insights (as with all the data the Spokane Regional Health District offers), we think you enjoy the great resource for local health data.