Spokane Trends Has A New Look

by Trends Staff  

We are excited to officially announce a completely redesigned Spokane Trends website!

Many of the functions you have become familiar have not changed. For example, the ability to switch views from the county to the Cities of Spokane and Spokane Valley work the same. The “More Information” and “Download Data” sections work exactly as the previous version. The ability to select and deselect aspects of the graph also works the same.

If you have not used the “Search” feature yet, it is one of the newest functions available. Sitting directly above the new ”hamburger” menu in the upper-right corner of the website, the Search function will allow  users to type in a key word or phrase to quickly refine a search for relevant indicators.

Inside the hamburger menu, you will also find links to both familiar and new features. They include:

  • Indicators At A Glance - a complete list of each indicator on the Trends website. The title is also a hyperlink to view the indicator.
  • Resources - a list of helpful community resources separated by category.
  • In The Press - indicators that make the news are featured here.
  • Other Sites - a list of community indicators websites facilitated by Eastern Washington University.
  • Newsletter - subscribe, manage your account, and view archived newsletters.
  • Blog - a list of the most recently updated indicators on the Spokane Trends website.
  • Compare - choose any two indicators from any community indicators website for a side-by-side comparison.