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Grant County Economic Development

"Grant County is an enormous, eclectic expanse, running from the columnar basalt around Grand Coulee Dam to the flat and arid Hanford Reach. Bigger than the state of Delaware, it has a mix of diverse towns and cities, all with unique needs for economic growth. This has been both a challenge and an opportunity for the Grant County Economic Development Council, according to Executive Director Jonathan Smith. In the last year the EDC accomplished a great deal, according to Smith, working with both industrial and retail economic development. Smith says the EDC has had to tailor its services to the needs of each community in the county. He can tie about 280 new jobs in Grant County in 2012 directly to activities of the EDC."
-Columbia Basin Herald,  01/02/2013

Grant County Population to Reach 100,000 by 2018

"Good news for growth in the area, as Grant County is estimated to pass the 100,000 population mark within in the next few years. The county is expected to reach 100,744 residents in 2018, according to figures from the state Office of Financial Management. According to the 2010 Census, 89,120 people resided in Grant County. Grant County will have more than 95,000 residents by 2015 and population will continue to increase each year to get to the 100,000 benchmark by 2018."
-Columbia Basin Herald,  12/26/2012

Grant County by the Numbers: It All Adds up to be a Great Place to Live

"Most people approach statistics with either blank confusion or deep suspicion. After all, reducing three-dimensional realities like our daily lives to a series of numbers is an intimidating task, and interpreting them back to relevance is even more baffling. And because there are so many different ways to read them, we hear echoes of Mark Twain's famous words: 'There are lies, damned lies and statistics.' But sometimes statistics can paint a vivid picture. The folks behind the Grant County Trends Website do a masterful job of taking demographic information and showing us how far our communities have come - and possibly even where they're headed."
-Moses Lake Magazine,  01/31/2012